MONDAY  MAY 16th.,   2022

        –FINISH  the review for Quiz 1 Midterm 2 Trimester III in case you didn´t

          finish in Class

        –STUDY  VERY  WELL  the review for Quiz 1 Midterm 2 Trimester III.



TUESDAY  MAY 17th.,   2022

       –COPY Workbook page 131 Ex. 26 and STUDY it very well.

WEDNESDAY  MAY 18th.,  2022

       –COPY   2 times the  following  sentences  and  STUDY it very well.

                  1.- The parachute is a safety equipment.

                  2.- He is a professional and he knows how to use the parachute.

       –COPY  the  FOCUS on GRAMMAR from Grammar Handbook page 168

          (REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS) and  STUDY  it  very well.

THURSDAY  MAY 19th.,  2022

              –ANSWER  very carefully the given Reading Comprehension exercise

            that is  inside your Homework notebook.

FRIDAY  MAY 20th., 2022

         –COPY  the  exercise  from Grammar Handbook page 165 and STUDY it very well