Monday May 9th.,   2022

     -COPY 2 times the following numbers with the words. STUDY them        

             (1,204) One thousand two hundred and four.

             (89,622)Eighty nine thousand six hundred twenty two.

             (20,102)Twenty thousand one hundred and two.

             (54,027)Fifty four thousand and twenty seven

      -COPY 2 times the following sentences and STUDY them.

               We need oxygen to live.

               Mom  and  dad  always protect their children.


Tuesday May 10th.,   2022

               –BE THE BEST child…help and  give a Big Hug to your mother because IT IS  MOTHER´S DAY!!

Wednesday May 11th.,  2022

             -COPY  the  following  chart 2  times  and  memorize them:                               PARTS  OF  THE SPEECH:


           Fish           famous            move         badly               behind               they

          Guitar          good               cry              well                   to                      I                   

           Piano             red              play            slowly              into                    we

Thursday May 12th.,  2022

        –ANSWER the given exercise. Use your Books, Grammar Handbook and Notebooks  FOR HELP

Friday May 13th., 2022

          –COPY  USING  SENTENCES  Workbook page 126 Ex. 14 and STUDY them.

          –COPY  USING  SENTENCES  Workbook page 130 Ex. 23 and STUDY them.

          –STUDY the part of the REVIEW for QUIZ 1 that you finished today.

           The Quiz 1 will be the next Tuesday May 17th.