Monday September 11th., 2023

     -FINISH  the Review for Quiz 1 in case you didn´t finish in class.

     -STUDY  for Quiz 1 Study very well the Review, homework and exercises, etc.

Tuesday September 12th., 2023

      -COPY the EXAMPLES SENTENCES from THE VOCABULARY  UNITS 1 and 2 of the following words and phrases: STUDY THEM

       1.- elbows off the table        3.- math class         5.- No running inside

       2.- parents                           4.-history class

     –COPY the EXAMPLES SENTENCES From Phonics Unit 1 Grammar Handbook page 47 COPY the example sentences #1, 2, 3.

       STUDY  THEM

Wednesday September 13th., 2023

        -COPY the DEFINITIONS from the VOCABULARY UNITS 1 & 2 from the following words: STUDY THEM

           1)niece                    4) married man            7)niece         

           2)half past               5)daughter                  8)only child       

           3)A quarter past      6)siblings                    9)relatives        

 Thursday September 14th., 2023

        – ANSWER the Given Reading Comprehension Homework.

Friday September 15th., 2023

       – COPY  GRAMMAR  HANDBOOK PAGE 43 Using sentences . STUDY  THEM very well.