Monday September 4th., 2023

  -WRITE the following  numbers  as  words: (267)(44,144)(1,345)(304)(297 (13)(33) (8,345)

  –COPY from the VOCABULARY UNITS 1 or 2, the following Words or Phrases of the following words: ( a quarter to ) (focus on) (married man) (brush your teeth)(appointment).    

Tuesday September 5th., 2023

  -STUDY and COPY  THE  FOLLOWING DEFINITIONS from Vocabulary Units 1 & 2:  

   1)science class       4)music class         7)IT class       10)a quarter past

   2)at noon               5)specific hour       8)only child      11)nephew

   3)history class        6)PE class               9)relatives        12)school subject

Wednesday September 6th., 2023

 – ANSWER the Given Reading Comprehension Homework.

Thursday September 7th., 2023

  – COPY  from GRAMMAR  HANDBOOK PAGE 16 the numbers from 1  to 5 with the correct answer. STUDY them.

Friday September 8th., 2023

  – COPY  from GRAMMAR  HANDBOOK PAGE 17 the numbers from 1 to 5 with the correct answer NOT the letter and STUDY them.

-STUDY the Vocabulary UNITS 1 and 2