MONDAY  MAY 23rd.,   2022

          -COPY   the following Direct and Reported Speeches. MEMORIZE THEM:

            1.- My mom said, “His concerts are expensive“ (DIRECT SPEECH)

                 My mom said that his concerts were expensive. (REPORTED SPEECH)

            2.- Harry  said:  “ The  concert  starts  at  8:00” (DIRECT SPEECH)

                 Harry said that the concert started at 8:00. (REPORTED SPEECH)

       -COPY  the following Comparatives and Superlatives. MEMORIZE THEM:

                                                                 Comparatives           Superlatives   

                              1.- Good                         better  than               The  best

                              2.- Quickly                 more quickly than         The most quickly                  

                              3.- Bad                             worse  than           The  worst                 

                              4.- long                      longer than          The longest   

                             5.- Dangerous       more dangerous than      The most dangerous

                             6.- Small                           smaller  than         The smallest                        

                             7.- Expensive        more expensive than        The most expensive

                             8.- Difficult                more difficult than          The most difficult


TUESDAY  MAY 24th.,   2022

               –ANSWER  the given exercise that  is  inside your Homework notebook.


WEDNESDAY  MAY 25th.,  2022

                 -FINISH  the review for Quiz 2 in case you didn´t finish in Class

               –STUDY  VERY  WELL  the review for Quiz 2

                  – TOMORROW  IS  THE  QUIZ  2

THURSDAY  MAY 26th.,  2022

                  -ANSWER  STUDENT´S BOOK pages 146 and 147

                 -ANSWER  WORKBOOK pages 122  and 134

FRIDAY  MAY 27th., 2022

                    -DO  yesterday´s  homework