Monday May 9th.,   2022

      -COPY 2 times the following numbers with the words. STUDY them        

                (5,343) Five thousand three hundred forty three.

                (109,876)One hundred and nine thousand eight hundred seventy six

                ( 0 ) Zero

                (54,027)Fifty four thousand and twenty seven

      -COPY 2 times the following sentences and STUDY them.

                 My brother likes to compete in the Spelling contest at school.

                 I like to  invent  and to be creative.

                 This  is  a  complex  situation.


Tuesday May 10th.,   2022

            –BE THE BEST child…help and  give a Big Hug to your

           mother because IT IS  MOTHER´S DAY!!

Wednesday May 11th.,  2022

        –COPY  1 time the Grammar Analyzing from Grammar Handbook    

            page 200, copy  the paragraph and the words and MEMORIZE it.

Thursday May 12th.,  2022


        -ANSWER  very  careful the given exercise. Use your Books,

                Grammar  Handbook and Notebooks  FOR HELP

Friday May 13th., 2022

       COPY  USING  SENTENCES  Workbook page 126 Ex. 12.

        –COPY  USING  SENTENCES  Workbook page 130 Ex. 21.

         STUDY the part of the REVIEW for QUIZ 1 that you finished today. The Quiz 1 will be the next Tuesday May 17th.