Monday September 11th., 2023

     -FINISH  the Review for Quiz 1 in case you didn´t finish in class.

     -STUDY  for Quiz 1 Study very well the Review, homework and exercises, etc.

Tuesday September 12th., 2023

      -COPY the EXAMPLES SENTENCES from THE VOCABULARY UNITS 1 and 2 of the following words and phrases: STUDY THEM

       1) nature       2) arts and crafts        3) TV shows

     –COPY the EXAMPLES SENTENCES from Phonics Unit 1Grammar Handbook page 24 of the following words and STUDY THEM

        1)cup        2)fit        3)cut        4)eat

Wednesday September 13th., 2023

        -COPY the DEFINITIONS from the VOCABULARY UNITS 1 & 2 from the following words: STUDY THEM

           1)Take a walking tour      4)video channels   7)Arts and crafts        

         2)Blogs                               5)podcasts                      

        3)Nature                             6)magazines

Thursday September 14th., 2023

        – ANSWER the Given Reading Comprehension Homework.

Friday September 15th., 2023

       – COPY  the HIGHLIGHTED SENTENCES from Grammar Handbook pages 39, 44, 45 and 46. STUDY THEM