(March 28th. – April 1st.)

Monday March 28th., 2022
-COPY 2 times the following sentences with Conjunctions and STUDY them
very well:
1.- We stayed at home and watched a film.
2.- I wanted to buy a new car but I didn´t have money.
3.- I will study my spelling words so I can win the Spelling Bee.
4.- Do you want tea or coffee?

Tuesday March 29th., 2022
-COPY the following sentences and STUDY them very well:
1.- This is a novelty for me.
2.- We live inside of a society.
3.- They have the necessity of good doctors.
4.- The customers are always right.

-COPY the Exercise number 2 from Grammar Handbook page 135 and STUDY them.

Wednesday March 30th., 2022
-COPY WORKBOOK page 110 Ex. 12 and STUDY IT very well.
-COPY WORKBOOK page 111 Ex. 13 (NOT PICTURES) and STUDY IT very well

Thursday March 31st., 2022
-ANSWER the given Reading Comprehension Assessment, answer very careful using Grammar Handbook pages 121, 122, 123, 124 and 125 for help

Friday April 1st., 2022
-COPY 2 times the corrected mistakes from yesterday´s homework the Reading Comprehension Assessment.