-ACCESS, ANSWER and SUBMIT the Assignment activities in the Richmond Platform.  They will be available from Monday January 15th. to Sunday January 21st. You have one week to finish them. DO YOUR  BEST!!

Monday January 15th.,   2024

   -WRITE  the following numbers as a words: (1,000) (33) (545) (0)  (100) (10,000)

   -WRITE  three sentences using the following superlatives (fastest) (heaviest) (most dangerous)

Tuesday  January 16th.,  2024

-FINISH the Review for Quiz 2 in case you didn´t finish in class.

-STUDY for Quiz 2 Study very well the Review, homework and exercises, etc.

Wednesday  January 17th.,  2024

   -ANSWER carefully  the page 74 from your Student’s book.

Thursday  January 18th,  2024

-Copy two times the highlighted verbs from pages 57 and 58. STUDY THEM BECAUSE THE TEACHER IS GOING TO ASK YOU ABOUT THEM.

Friday  January 19th,  2024

-COPY the corrected mistakes from the QUIZ 1

-STUDY the QUIZ 1 very well, be ready for the exam the next Wednesday January 24th.

-RETURN the QUIZ 1 with the signature of your mom or dad NEXT TO the grade or it will be incomplete homework.