ENGLISH  HOMEWORK     4th. Grade

                          (September 4th  –   September 8th)

Monday  September 4th.,   2023

-WRITE the following numbers as words: (50) (581) (4,345) (1000) (100) (13) (33)

-WRITE a sentence with each of the following words: (classroom) (dance lesson) (teacher) (gym) (uniform)  USE VOCABULARY UNITS 1 AND 2 FOR HELP FROM FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 1st

Tuesday  September 5th.,  2023

-LOOK FOR and WRITE the DEFINITIONS AND EXAMPLES of the following words

(Use the Vocabulary Units 1 and 2 for help from FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 1st):

1.- Auditorium                   4.- Gym                              7.- Counselor

2.- Art room                       5.- Library                          8.- Janitor

3.- Classroom                     6.- Music room

Wednesday  September 6th.,  2023

Copy and answer the following exercise. (Use grammar handbook pages 1, 2 and 3)

He loves eat pizza.        NATURAL: Eat                Past: Ate

(Affirmative simple past)

(Negative simple future)

(Question simple present)

(Negative simple present)

(Affirmative simple future)

(Negative simple past)

Thursday  September 7th,  2023

– COPY from GRAMMAR HANDBOOK PAGE 15 first exercise. STUDY them

Friday  September 8th,  2023

-Answer Grammar Handbook pages 27, 28 and 29