ENGLISH  HOMEWORK     4th. Grade

(May 23rd – May 27th)

Monday May 23rd., 2022

-Read and answer the following lecture. Write just the number of the question and the answer. IF YOU DON’T READ, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO KNOW WHAT TO ANSWER.

My new pet

Hello, my name is Estela and my dad bought me a new pet; he is a dog. His name is Slinky and he is too little. My mom and dad help me to keep the dog clean. We have a doghouse where he stays during the night. I play with him every evening when I come from school. He uses to eat my shoes.

I love my pet!

1.- What is the new pet?

2.- What is the name of the dog?

3.- Who help Estela to keep clean her pet?

4.- When Estela plays with her dog?

5.- Where Slinky is at night?

6.- What he use to eat?

7.- Does Estela love her pet?

8.- Is Slinky little or big?

Tuesday May 24th., 2022 

-Copy the ex. 23 from Student’s book page 153.

Wednesday May 25th., 2022

-Write your favorite activity, describe it and draw a picture about it. (no less than 3 lines)

Thursday May 26th., 2022

-Write a sentence with the following words

(Talent) (Instrument) (professional) (average) (relax)

Friday May 27th., 2022

-Read the pages 146 and 147 from your student’s book and answer the page 147.