ENGLISH  HOMEWORK     4th. Grade

                          (November 27th  –   December 1st)

-ACCESS, ANSWER and SUBMIT the Assignment activities in the Richmond Platform. They will be available from Tuesday November 27th. to Sunday December 3rd.

Monday November  27th.,   2023

-Write a sentence with the following words:

(Mexico) (dry) (Canada) (humid) (crowder) (Argentina)

Tuesday  November 28th.,  2023

-COPY and ANSWER on your homework notebook the following


She drank water PARTICIPLE: DRUNK

(Affirmative past perfect) __________________________

(Negative present perfect) _________________________

(Question present perfect) _________________________

(Affirmative present perfect) ________________________

(Negative past perfect) ____________________________

( Question past perfect) ___________________________

-Write two sentences on present perfect and two on past


Wednesday  November 29th.,  2023

-ANSWER very carefully Grammar Handbook page 73 and 74.

Thursday  November 30th,  2023

-COPY Grammar Handbook page 61 numbers from 1 to 6,

and MEMORIZE them.

Friday  November December 1st,  2023

-COPY two times the exercise 3 from your Student’s book