-Access and work on the given activities in the Richmond Platform. They must be ready for Sunday September 24th. You have one week to finish them. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO GET ALL THE ANSWERS CORRECT 100% SCORE, OTHERWISE IT WILL BE
INCOMPLETE HOMEWORK (Ingresa a la plataforma Richmond para realizar las actividades de tarea indicadas, tienes una semana para elaborarlas. Deberan estar listas el domingo 24 de Septiembre. Es NECESARIO tener todas las tareas correctas, con un 100%, de lo contrario será tarea incorrecta.
Monday September 18th., 2023
-Write: 5 sentences with “CAN’T,
5 sentences with “CAN”,
5 sentences with “HAVE TO/HAS TO”
Tuesday September 19th., 2023
-FINISH the Review for Quiz 2 in case you didn´t finish in class.
-STUDY for Quiz 2 Study very well the Review, homework and exercises, etc.
Wednesday September 20th., 2023

  • WRITE a sentence with each of the following words and phrases:
    (ask for directions) (park) (take pictures)
  • Write the following numbers as words:
    (99,999) (642) (33) (888) (0) (63) (1,000) (100)
    Thursday September 21th., 2023
  • Copy two times exercise 2 from Student’s book page 16 in your homework
    Friday September 22nd., 2023
    -Write and answer the following sentences in your homework notebook, use
    WAS or WERE and the verb with ING:
    1.- Grandpa (sleep) while Laura and Sally _ (brush)
    their teeth.
    2.- Steve (eat) breakfast while Jane ___ (take)
    3.- Charlie and Peter _ (work) while Jonh (watch)
    4.- Jessica (cook) dinner while her parents ___ (use) the