Monday August 28th., 2023

-WRITE a 5 lines paragraph about:……How did you feel today during your first day of school? Are you ready to do your best in 6th. Grade?

Tuesday August 29th., 2023

-COPY the Highlighted Verbs from Grammar Handbook pages 12 and    

  13 with the pronunciation  and Study them.

Wednesday August 30th.,   2023

-COPY the Highlighted Sentences with Pictures from Grammar Handbook pages 14 and 15 and Study them.

Thursday August 31st., 2023

-COPY from Grammar Handbook pages 35 and 36 the wo complete dates Prepositions with Pictures and Study them:

Friday September 1st., 2023

-LOOK in the Vocabulary and Definitions Units 1 and 2 pasted      in your Homework Notebook and COPY thedefinitions and sentences from 1 to 8. STUDY THEM very well.